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TASF Gears Up for TAI Convention



TASF to Highlight 2018 Scholarship Winners at TAI Convention

The Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Foundation (TASF) will again join TAI in support of the annual convention. This year the convention is slated for Las Vegas, Nevada, August 9 - 11. The TASF board and advisors will be meeting for it's annual planning retreat two days prior to the start of the convention. On this year's agenda is further expansion of scholarship opportunities.


Students Ready to Launch Academic Journey

"We are so thankful for the support we're receiving from the Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Foundation" said Pat Prescott, aunt of scholarship recipient Shavonna Jackson (pictured left). "Every dollar makes a difference when getting students through school" says Prescott. Jackson will be attending Harvard University in the fall majoring in biomedical engineering. Michael Bearden (center) will be entering Northwestern University, where he will major in economics with an eye on becoming an entrepreneur. Avey Songco (right) will be attending Stanford University majoring in industrial engineering. This application round, TASF sponsored two $2,500 scholarships and one $5,000 scholarship, in addition to the array of $1,500 scholarships. The increase in scholarship amounts are attributed to corporate support from Edison International and the Boeing Company, respectively. Earning the Boeing $5,000 scholarship was Khalil Goddard, a Tidewater Chapter applicant who will be attending Virginia Tech majoring in engineering. Receiving the second Edison International scholarship was Emily Shaw, a Sam Bruce Chapter applicant who will be attending UC Berkeley majoring in bioengineering. The 2018 class are the highest rated students receiving STEM scholarships to date.

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Tesla Foundation to Partner with TASF to Improve Student Outcomes

 Keith Kaplan, (left) executive director of the Tesla Foundation was recently honored at TASF's Nex-Gen Now Scholarship Awards Breakfast on June 23rd in Los Angeles. Kaplan received the Leadership and Innovation Award for his work relating to STEAM education. "We believe by enabling access to STEAM educational methodologies (science, technology, engineering, industrial arts, and mathematics) to all, and workforce development opportunities needed in this transition, new jobs and new job creators will be found in all walks of American life. The underserved are what we like to rephrase as the underutilized, have a wealth of talent and creative ideas and energy that is the engine of positive change for our country and economy" says Kaplan. Bill Robinson (right) presented the award to Kaplan along with a scroll provided by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Office of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. Kaplan hopes to integrate TASF scholarship recipients into aspects of his educational initiative.

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Donations and Pledges at TAI Convention Boost Scholarship Fund - Goal Set at $12,000 this Year

Since 2016, donations and pledges to the TASF scholarship fund have continually increased with each succeeding year. In 2016 financial commitments made at the convention totaled slightly over $8,000. In 2017, commitments made at the convention eclipsed the $10,000 mark. This year's goal is to increase commitments to a minimum of $12,000, according to executive director Edward Grice. "There's been a renewed energy surrounding STEM scholarships and we are pleased to say that our corporate partners have been a welcoming force. However, one of our most consistent donor groups have been individuals and chapters who make financial gifts and pledges during the Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. annual convention. About 60% of donations are collected through cash and checks given at the general session. The remainder of the funds are made through pledges that are collected after the convention."We have an amazing rate of return on pledges with almost 98% of people fulfilling their pledges. That's a higher rate than the average fulfillment rate that hovers around 70 - 80%." said Grice. The 2018 goal is achievable when prior donors incrementally increase their gift size. When I thought about all of the barriers our children are facing today, I doubled my gift, said Joyce Harper, a niece of Tuskegee Airmen Morris T. Johnson. The Founders of the scholarship fund had it right when they took steps to help resource restricted families get their children into college. A college education remains one of the leading indicators for an improved life. Online gifts can be made at:www.taisf.org.

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Major General F. Phillips Presents Nex-Gen Now Educational Medallion to Michael Beard

Major General F. Phillips was the guest speaker and recipient of the TASF's Lifetime Achievement Award at the Nex-Gen Now Scholarship Awards Breakfast on June 23rd. Phillips is a retired Major General USAF and the former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Logistics) in the Clinton Administration. He was Vice President of Honeywell International and Vice President of The Home Depot Government Solutions Group, which he formed. The organization propelled Home Depot into the federal business, growing to over $100M in the first 12 months of operations. As Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, Phillips oversaw an organization of 850,000 military and civilian personnel with a budget of $114B where he established an outsourcing and privatization program for the federal government. He is now president of Phillips Aviation and Logistics Group. His activities have a global reach to include China, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kenya, Dubai and Somalia. Phillips was tapped to issue the Education Medallion to Michael Bearden, a TASF scholarship recipient. Bearden accepts the Medallion on behalf of the 2018 scholarship class which reflects the core values exemplified by the Tuskegee Airmen: courage, compassion, commitment, perseverance, and discipline. Bearden was described as a "discerning leader and invested intellectual" by his high school English teacher. He graduated with a weighted 3.7 grade point average and will enter Northwestern University with a major in economics.

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